International Workshop on Electromagnetic Studies related to Earthquakes and Volcanoes (IWEMSEV2006) 20-22 November, 2006

An International workshop on Electromagnetic Studies related to Earthquakes and Volcanoes (IWEMSEV-2006) was organized by the Department of electronics and communication engineering of the Faculty of engineering and technology, R.B.S. College, Agra during 20-22 November, 2006. The venue of the workshop was hotel Holiday Inn, Agra. About 100 participants including 22 foreigner and 78 Indians attended the workshop. The foreign scientists came from USA, Japan, Russia, France, Kazakhstan, and Greece, whereas Indian participants came from all parts of the country, i.e. from, Visakhapatnam to Jammu, and from, Mumbai to Guwahati. About 95 abstracts were received out of which 80 were presented in oral and poster sessions of the workshop.


The inauguration of the workshop was held on 20 Nov, 2006 at 10 AM with Prof. Harsh Kumar Gupta, Eminent Seismologist and former Secretary, Department of Ocean Development, Govt of India as the Chief Guest. Other dignitaries on the dais were Prof. S. Uyeda, Chairman, International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA- EMSEV), Dr. B.M. Reddy, Eminent Ionospheric scientist of the country, Dr. B.K. Agarwal, Principal. R.B.S. College and Secretary of its board of management. The function was presided over by Prof. Bhoomitra Dev, Vice Chancellor of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University, Agra.

All the dignitaries emphasized the importance of the workshop in Indian context and extended good wishes for its fruitful conclusion. At this juncture, Dr. Birbal Singh, Convener of the workshop, informed the audience that this was the second workshop of its kind held in India. The previous one was also organized by R.B.S. College during 19-21 December, 2000. From the inputs received during the two workshop he presented a picture of exponential growth of Seismo-electromagnetic studies in the country.

An important event that took place during the inauguration ceremony was the felicitation of Dr. M. Parrot of LPCE/CNRS, Orleans, France for his outstanding contribution in the field of Seismo-electromagnetic studies and launching of DEMETER satellite for space based studies of the electromagnetic emissions generated from seismic zones on the ground.

Presentation of papers

All the abstracts were categorized in four groups which included special papers, invited papers, contributed papers, and poster papers. The oral presentations were made in five different sessions as follows;

  • Sessions-1. Earthquakes monitoring and prediction: Current Status.
  • Sessions-2. Monitoring of earthquakes and volcanoes using conventional and latest techniques.

  • Sessions-3. Ground and Satellite based monitoring of electromagnetic precursors of earthquakes.
  • Sessions-4. Recent advancements in space science studies.
  • Sessions-5. Ionospheric perturbation due to earthquakes.

The poster presentations were made during 1530-1630 hrs on 21 and 22 November, 2006 which included 12 presentations each day.

Some of the notable participants and speakers in the workshop included Prof. S. Uyeda, Japan, Prof. Harsh Kumar Gupta, NGRI, India, Prof. P.Varotsos, Athenes University, Greece, Dr. M.J.S. Johnston, USGS, USA, Dr. Archana Bhattacharya , IIG, India, Dr. R.S. Dattatrayam , IMD, New Delhi, Prof. M. Hayakawa, UEC, Japan, Dr. M. Parrot, CNRS, France, etc.

Cultural Program

A cultural program of classical and folk dances was presented by the students of the Faculty of engineering and technology, R.B.S. College, Agra, during 1800-2000 hrs on 21 November, 2006. This program was inaugurated by Prof. Mary. S. Lazaridou Varotsos of Athenes University, Greece, and the prize dsitribution was made by Prof. S. Uyeda, Japan. The cultural programme was appreciated by all the participants and guests. A special appriciation and congratulation was given to the performing students by Dr. B.M.Reddy, noted Ionospheric scientist of the country.

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of the workshop was organised during 1700-1800 hrs on 22 November, 2006 with Prof. M. Hayakawa as cheif guest and Dr. B.M.Reddy, Chairman of the session. During this session , all the Chairmen of the different sessions were invited to make brief presentations about the quality of papers presented in their sessions. This was followed by a general disscusions. Dr. B.M.Reddy informed that a committee of three persons including himself , Prof. M.Hayakawa, and Dr. Birbal Singh has been constituted to prepare a draft resolution about the outcome of the workshop to be presented to the Government for necessary action. A rough copy of the draft resolution has been prepared which reads as follows.

  1. Since India is strong in Ionospheric research, at least 20-30 Ionosonde and TEC measuring equipments should be installed to study the ionspheric precursors of earthquakes.
  2. ULF search coil magnetometers (at least 20 in number) should be installed at differnt places between North West and Nort East along Himalayan region.
  3. A multidiciplinary approch should be adopted (geophysical, geochemical etc) to study the earthquakes precursors.

Finally, all the participants applauded the fine arrangement made by local orgasnising committee of the workshop and gave an standing ovation to Dr. Birbal Singh, Convener of the workshop, for carrying out the responsibilities of the workshop so systemmatically and succesfully.

EMSEV Working group meeting

A working group meeting of EMSEV was organised during 1830-2030 hrs on 22 November, 2006 with Prof. S. Uyeda, Chairman and Prof. T. Nagao as Secretary. The minutes of the last meeting was confirmed and the Chairman presented a historical background of EMSEV. The role of EMSEV in earthquake prediction studies was disscused at large and it was concluded that dedicated efforts are to be made to record clear electromagnetic precursors of earthquakes. A campaign mode joint ground and satellite based studies for finding such precursors was emphasized.

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