Primary Contributors

Prof. Birbal Singh

Dr. Birbal Singh did his B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD from Gorakhpur University, Agra University and Banaras Hindu University respectively. After completion of his education, he started independent research work field of Space science at Bichpuri campus of R.B.S College, Agra from 1974 that is still continued. He reoriented research work towards earthquake prediction with a new technique known as “Seismo - Electromagnetic technique” in 1998 for the first time in India, and put Agra on the search map of India in the field of Space Science and Seismo-Electromagnetics research.

He has produced more than dozen PhDs and published more than hundred research papers in reputed journals including nature some of which received national awards for best papers. He has participated in more than seventeen National and International Conferences in India and abroad. His biography was published in the eight edition of the International directory of distinguished leadership in U.S.A. Dr. Singh is a member of society of Atmospheric Electricity, Japan, International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, National Task Force on Earthquake and Tsunami etc. He has widely traveled abroad including France, Japan, China, Singapore, Hungary and other South-East Asian countries prone earthquake, volcanoes, and tsunami. He organized two International Conferences in R.B.S College, Agra. He led a delegation of Indian Scientists to attend DEMETER satellite conference in France in June 2006. After retirement as Head, Department of Physics, R.B.S College, Agra in June 2003, he was selected as CSIR Emeritus Scientist and presently he is working as Professor and Head Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, R.B.S College, Bichpuri, Agra.

Dr. Om Prakash Singh

Dr. OP Singh obtained his Ph. D. degree in Physics from Dr. B. R.A. University, Agra (Formerly Agra University). He started his research work at Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow in the field of Renewable Energy Sources and after completing his Ph. D., he was awarded direct Research Associateship from CSIR, New Delhi. Currently, He is working as Head of Department, Applied Science and humanity and Principal Investigator Seismo – Electromagnetic and Space Research Laboratory (SESRL).

He has published around 40 research papers in journals of international repute. He has been involved in different research projects from DST and MoES, New Delhi as Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigator. He has 11 publications in Proceedings/Book of the International Conferences and 04 in Proceedings/Book of the National Conferences. He has participated in 18 conferences in India and abroad. To present his research papers in conferences he visited abroad such as University of Electro-Communications, Chofu, Tokyo, Japan (2005); Bandung, Indonesia (2007); SUNTEC, Singapore (2009); Paris, France (2011). He was Convener of the International Workshop on Seismo-Electromagnetics and Atmospheric Science (IWSE-AS 2010) at Faculty of Engineering and Technology R. B. S. College, Bichpuri, Agra-283105 during 16-18 November, 2010 and was Course Coordinator of the DST-SERC School on Seismo - Electromagnetics’ held at Faculty of Engineering and Technology R.B. S. College, Bichpuri, Agra-283105) during February 06-26, 2012. His Interest areas are Seismo-electromagnetics, Space Science, and Renewable Energy.

Dr. Manoj Kumar

Dr. Manoj Kumar completed his bachelors and masters degree in Physics from Agra University. He was offered research scholar position at the Institute for Plasma research (an institute for research on fusion energy) immediately after completing his master's degree. Dr. Kumar continued his research work as Senior Research Fellow in SESRL on Seismo – electromagnetic signals and obtained PhD degree in the same. He also completed his masters in Instrumentation from Regional Engineering College, one of the best engineering colleges in India. Dr. Kumar has also worked for Physical Research Laboratory on the India's Moon mission project. He was appointed there as project Associate.

Dr. Kumar has played critical role for the establishment of SESRL. He has provided very advanced technical solutions for the laboratory. With science background, he possesses highly technical knowledge especially in signal processing and hardware design. He is equally good at developing engineering softwares. Following are some of the major tasks he has performed for the laboratory.

  • Development of Very Low Frequency borehole Antenna System
  • Development of digital Whistler Recorder and Analyzer
  • Setting up of Ultra Low Frequency Search Coil Magnetometer system
  • Development of Data Acquisition and signal processing softwares
  • Development of earthquake mapping system
  • Integration of Fixed Frequency Transmitter signal receiver system

Last Updated on July 1, 2011