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VLF Antenna Detects Pre- quake signals

A tiny anteena buried 120 meters below the surface near Agrahas been keeping an 'ear' on earhquakes in the Himalayas and successfully provided early warnings, scientists have reported.
Physicists Birbal SIngh and his colleagues at RBS College in Agra Claim that their bore-hole antenna has been detecting burts of very low frequency (vlf) radio signals in the range of 3 to 30 cycles per second - prior to earthquakes in northern India.
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Seismo Ends, Many papers Presented

A direction finding techniques for natural ultra low frequency (ULF) electormagnetic (EM) sources are of special interest in searching of EM precursors of impending earthquakes.
In this study, the modern concepts of the findings of ULF source signal location are analysed and compared, said Dr VV Surkov of Research Nuclear University of the Russian Federation, Moscow, while presenting his research papers on 'A direction finding for ULF EM underground sources'.
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Agra Temple Pillar heats up

A pillar in temple at Agra has mysteriously heated up, causing anxiety and fear among devotees who frequent it.
"Temple visitors found the pillar and surrounding areas unbearably hot," said temple's priest Rajendra Prasad Sharma.
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India puts its expertise to Japanese satellite. more...
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The President provided with information about the Earthquake Centre of RBS. more...
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Faculty members of RBS met the President Kalam. more...
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Last Updated on July 1, 2011